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Launching CEM-7000

Medium Capillary Electrophoresis System CEM7000 embraces all the best features accumulated from years of experience working with CE.

Unique “Plug-and-Play” Concept: allows many dedicated detectors modules to be easily made available for users selection. There are UV/Vis (variable and fixed wavelength), LIF, C4D, and the upcoming PDA detectors to cater to different analytical requirements. Users can plug any detectors onto the autosampler with great ease without the need to perform
tedious alignment and calibration.

Complete automation due to unique DUAL LIFTERS configuration. All activities pertaining to sample injection, flushing, cleaning, and waste delivery are software controlled. This frees researchers from repetitive and mundane work. Sample injection can be applied at both capillary ends. Detachable injector cover allows easy access to cleaning and maintenance.

Liquid Cooling is just one of the 3 choices for Capillary Temperature Control. User can choose at will either Liquid (4° - 50°C) or Air (10°C below RT - 30°C above RT) or Ambient temperature cooling method. User will not have to tolerate operational downtime due to leaky cassette or low coolant level.


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Detector modules

Four re-packaged detector modules, UVV-520, UVV-560, LIF-820 and C4D-720, are now released from EH Systems. These modules work with the integrated CE model, CEL-3000, scheduled to be launched in March 2007, and CEP-5000, launched early December 2006. The variable wavelength UV absorption detector, UVV-520, uses the same optical core from UVV-500 but with an unified casing for all the four modules. UVV-560 is a fixed wavelength absorption detector. The new LIF-820 is built on the optical setup from LIF-880 but with an option of a built-in 473nm DPSS laser. C4D-720 has exactly the same core as C4D-700 and is mainly used for CEL-3000 although it may be used for CEP-5000 also.


These four modules are to be used as plug-in detector modules for the integrated CEL-3000, but they work perfectly well with the portable dual-lifter model CEP-5000, especially for lab use where there is no power constraint.

PKS CE Station Software provides an integrated environment for control of all instruments including earlier autosampler models and newer models, data acquisition of both sample detection data (SDD)and instrument control data (ICD), as well as data analyzing, calibrating and reporting.

Launching CEP-5000

The dual lifter autosampler, CEP-5000, is a new member in the CE instruments family developed in EH Systems, Inc. An outlet lifter and related adapters for all the miniaturized detectors are now added to CEP-5000. It uses the same casing as that for CEP-5100, another portable model launched two years ago.


EH Systems, Inc. launches CEIB-6100 CE-In-Box transportable system for field analysis.
As a combined effort with CE Resources and I-BIO a new system CEIB-6100 was delivered to customer. CEP-5100 (CE-P2) is the internal engine. With the miniaturized UVV-580 fixed wavelength detector, ultrasonic bath, balance, etc., CEIB-6100 is a box that hosts a simple, movable laboratory for CE analysis.

New software features make it easier for integration of legacy autosamplers (CE-L1, IA-P1) with new detectors.
The unified synchronization scheme makes it possible for multiple instruments, including earlier models, to be synchronized. The Sample Detection Data (SDD) and Instrument Control Data from the instruments configured to the same workstation can now be displayed in one window and data be stored in one file.

Miniaturized UV detector achieves the same sensitivity as obtained from the desktop model.
UVV-580M is the third member in the miniaturized detector family, after the C4D-700 and FRD-600, the two conductivity detectors introduced 6 months ago. It uses mercury, zinc or cadmium lamp combined with filters at 254nm, 214nm, 229nm or other lines for a wide range of applications.

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