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Benchtop CE Systems

The modular autosampler CEL-3100 (previously CE-L1) was introduced in 2001. The integrated model CEL-3000 is scheduled to be launched in March 2007. Compared to the portable model, these desktop models have 50 sample positions, built-in temperature control units (air cooling for CEL-3100, liquid cooling for CEL-3000). CEL-3000 has an optional liquid cooling unit for sample tray and re-filling system.

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Benchtop CE Systems

CEP-3000 integrated CE system has dual lifter design, built-in capillary liquid cooling unit and optional sample-tray liquid cooling unit.

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CEP-3100 autosampler has single lifter design, built-in air cooling unit. It matches with the desktop detectors to form complete CE systems.

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