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CEL-3100 (CE-L1) Autosampler

a CEL-3100
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CEL-3100, renamed from CE-L1, is a autosampler for capillary electrophoresis (CE) applications. The modular design makes it possible for CEL-3100 to work with any detector that has CE flow cell. We have developed UVV-501, UVV-551 and LIF801 desktop detector models to match with CEL-3100. With a mounting rack the miniaturized detectors: UVV-580, C4D-700, FRD-600, and LIF-880 can be attached to CEL-3100 to form a complete CE system.

PKS Station Software is used for instrument control, data acquisition and analysis.


CEL-3100 Specifications
Voltage and current ranges -30kV to +30kV; maximum current: 300µA. Electronic reversal of voltage polarity (programmatic pre-run and during run)
Mode of operation Constant voltage
Constant current
Linear gradient voltage
Simultaneous voltage and pressure may be applied
Injection modes Hydrodynamic injection with pressure 0 to 5 psi; Electrokinetic injection (-30kV to 30kV, 0.1kV steps)
Washing 15 to 120 psi with external pressure source (30 to 60 psi for optimal operation)
CEC Optional with CEC adapter at detector side. Pressure up to 120 psi at both inlet and outlet
Autosampler 50 position carousel. Random access
Sample volume in vial Min 10 µL to max 2 mL; vial with or without cap
Temperature control for capillary Standard configuration:
Air-cooling 15°C - 60°C at ambient temperature of 25°C
Liquid cooling 4°C - 65°C at ambient temperature of 25°C
System monitor Real time monitoring of test parameters, voltage, current, temperature, H.P., L.P., vial position and status, SDD, etc.
Capillary Flexible in length and diameter
Detector UVV-501, UVV-551, LIF801, UVV-580, C4D-700, FRD-600, LIF880, or any other detectors
Computer Workable on all OS platforms, viz. Windows, Mac, Linux.
Software PKS CE Station software. Control and DAQ, data management, report generation, system integrity, security, GLP compliant, raw data storage, event logging.
Interfacing RS232, USB or TCP/IP
Power supply 220VAC/50Hz, 115VAC/60Hz
Power input (wattage) 120 VA
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 238 x 500 x 436 mm
9.37 x 19.7 x 17.17 in
Weight 16 kg


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