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MFL-4100 Microfluidic Platform

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MFL-4100 is a combination of the successful multi-channel power supply, PS468, and additional pneumatic control, movable stage for chips, host for detectors, etc. This makes it to be a versatile platform for micro chip related research work, i.e., CE on chip, microfluidics on chip, etc.

MFL-4100 has a moving chip-holder controlled by a handy joystick for accurately placing the chip-holder relative to whatever detectors placed below. The head-casing, when closed, with the detecting chamber below the chip-holder forms a dark room in case optical detection is needed.

The user can modify the chip-holder supporting plate to attach any optical detectors below the chip holder. EH Systems currently provides two miniaturized detectors, i.e., FRD-600 and LIF-880 for this platform. See here for more details.

Control and Data Software
PKS Station Software is used for instrument control, data acquisition and analysis.


  1. Automated 4, 6 or 8 positions injector with HV electrode and pressure flushing (pressure range: up to 20psi; 80psi with external pressure source) or vacuum sucking features.

  2. Automated 4, 6, or 8-position electro-kinetic sample injection system

  3. Chip-holder for glass or plastic microchip devices with low dead volume connections. Easy to be adapted to major commercially available detectors

  4. One pressure/vacuum port for manual flushing or sucking of vials

  5. 4, 6 or 8-channel HV outputs at +5 kV (or -5 kV, ± 5kV), ±200 uA per channel, with 16-bit resolution for each channel.

  6. Each HV channel can be programmed to operate as connected, floated or grounded through the Control Software, Voltage ripple less than 0.05%

  7. 2 channel 24 bit A/D Converter module, upgradeable to 4 channels, each channel with four signal input ranges: ±10.24V, ±1.28V, ±160mV, ±20mV.

  8. Computer control software with comprehensive method development capability

  9. Data acquisition software capable of showing multiple on-line data from multiple detectors

  10. Data processing software for quantitative data reduction and reporting

  11. Working temperature: 4 to 40°C

  12. Dimension (Width x Depth x Height): 264 x 486 x 465 mm / 10.40 x 19.14 x 18.31 in.

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