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MFL-4100 Microfluidic Systems

MFL-4100 with LIF-880

MFL-4100 Platform is a combination of the successful multi-channel power supply, PS468, and additional pneumatic control, movable stage for chips, host for detectors, etc.

Together with our miniaturized detectors or detector modules, it forms a complete system for CE-on-chip, microfluidic on chip and related research work.

The user can modify the chip-holder supporting plate to attach any optical detectors below the chip. EH Systems currently provides two miniaturized detectors, i.e., FRD-600 and LIF-880 for this platform.

Control and Data Software
PKS Station Software is used for instrument control, data acquisition and analysis.

MFL-4100 with FRD-600  

As shown in the left a FRD-600 detector can be simply put by the side of chip-holder to form a integrated system. Same for LIF-880 laser induced fluorescence detector shown above. The main board of MFL-4100 has two RS232 ports (E and F) that may be connected to the detectors, no need for any additional A to D converter.

Two detectors may be used simultaneously as the main board supports for 2 channels of digital communication ports. The main board has also 2 channel in-built A/D converter which could be used to connect to third-party detectors.

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