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HVCEO 6W Auto-Reversing Power Supply Module

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The high voltage power supply module - HVCEO - developed in EH Systems is designed to meet the requirements of applications requiring a hot switched reversible output voltage. Very small footprint makes it an ideal choice for extremely limited space applications. The DC output voltage and current are continuously adjustable from 0 to 30kV and 0 to 300μA, as long as the overall power is within 6W. Output polarity is reversible programmbly.


HVCEO Specifications
Input Voltage 24VDC±10%
Input Current 1A max
Output Voltage 0 to 30kV programmable, may be limited by output power
Output Current 0 to 300μA programmable, may be limited by output power
Output Power 0 to 6W
Line Regulation 0.01% for a 10% V-input change
Load Regulation 0.01% for a no load to full load change
Ripple 0.1% p-p
Voltage Test Point 0 to 10V±1% full scale
Current Test Point 0 to 10V±2% full scale
Remote Enable >2.8V=OFF;<1.2V=ON
Output Time Constant with no load 0.1 sec
Stored Energy 0.2 Joules at 30kV
Polarity when idle Positive
Time to idle 4 sec.
(Width x Depth x Height)
130 x 130 x 100 mm
5.12 x 5.12 x 3.94 in.
Weight 2 kg

1, 2, 3 Chassis Ground & 24Vdc Return
4 High Voltage Enable (L) / Inhibit (H)
5 Voltage Monitor
6 Current Monitor
7 Chassis Ground
8 Voltage Program
9 Current Program
10 +10.24VDC Reference
11 Program & Monitor Points Return
12 Polarity Control Signal Input (H for positive, L for negative)
13 (Reserved for Positive Polarity Indicator)
14, 15 +24Vdc
16 Chassis Ground
17 (Reserved for Negative Polarity Indicator)
18 (Reserved for I-Mode Indicator)
19 (Reserved for V-Mode Indicator)
20 Return Current Monitor
21 Load Return
22 (Reserved for Ground Fault Indicator)
23, 24, 25 (Reserved)


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