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PKS™ CE Station for Capillary Electrophoresis

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Coded for CE from ground up, PKS™ CE-Station software is dedicated for CE application. It provides an integrated environment for system administration, system configuration, instrument connection and control, data acquisition (DAQ), data analysis, calibration and reporting.

Check for the latest version here.

The System Administration allows you to enable GLP compliance, set different level of user rights and other security levels. The universal Instrument Configuration feature facilitates automatic instrument searching and connection through the usage of our unique serial numbering for each instrument. The main window runs as a server while the control windows are the clients which can talk to each other through the server, making it possible for all the instruments to be synchronized.

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Method development is made simple with PKS CE Station method editing module. The CE method can be divided into three main steps, i.e., wash, injection and separation, each containing multiple micro-steps. By compiling these steps and urning sequentially any complicated task can be achieved.

When a method is run, there are three types of data to be recorded down through the data Acquisition (DAQ) software module, i.e., the Instrument Information Data (IID), the Instrument Control Data (ICD) and the Sample Detection Data (SDD). A complete CE system would normally include one main unit (sampler), one or several detectors and some auxiliary devices. The data from all these connected units will be synchronized and stored in one data file: .pks file.

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PKS™ CE Station has two modules, Calibration and Data Analysis, to conduct the peak identification, multi-level calibration and data reduction. Unlimited number of .pks data files can be called into the workspace for analyzing and comparison.

A demo version can be downloaded here.

The analyzed results can be output to printer or saved to a HTML file for sharing and further editing. The report style can be customized.


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